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Aerocoat - Pure Acrylic Emulsion Paint For Aerocel Insulation Products

Aerocel Aerocoat is a pure acrylic emulsion water based latex paint especially designed for use with Aerocel insulation products. Aerocel Aerocoat has superb properties that help protect against ultraviolet rays and other adverse weather conditions. Aerocel Aerocoat having elongation properties of over 400% promotes superior adhesion. Aerocel coating is effective as a protective coating or decorative coating for Aerocel insulation products and provides a smoothing aesthetic appearance that lasts for many years. Aerocel Aerocoat is supplied in quarts and gallons and is available in black or white.

Aeroseal - Adhesive for Aerocel Insulation

Aeroseal adhesive (amber or black in color) is a modified neoprene contact adhesive specially formulated for bonding Aerocel insulating materials firmly together. Aeroseal creates strong seams and butt joints that will operate at temperatures up to 257º F. Aeroseal may also be used for adhering sheet insulation to flat and curved surfaces that will operate at temperatures to 180º F. Aeroseal adhesive (amber or black) is also ideal for use with other materials like metal, cork board, polyurethane foam, rigid PVC sheet, formica, melamine board and rubber sheet. Aeroseal adhesive has a high water vapor resistance and weathering resistance to prevent moisture from penetrating joints, and forms a permanent bond to the applied materials for long lasting service.

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